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Retirement Plans for Employers of All Sizes
American Pension Benefits delivers focused, turn-key retirement plan solutions for employers of all sizes. We believe that all employers and their employees should have the same or better retirement plan options as those that are typically available to only larger employers. 
All of our plans are open-architecture in investment offering, meaning that your advisor has maximum flexibility in designing your retirement plan investment line up.  

APB utilizes leading technology to create effective plan sponsor, plan participant, and plan advisor experiences.

Cornerstones of our products and services are:
  • True open-architecture investment offerings of over 28,000 mutual funds and ETFs.
  • Revenue sharing neutrality. All revenue sharing is available to offset plan expenses or allocation to participants.
  • We work only through advisors and financial professionals that specialize in retirement plans. We are committed to the advisor community by providing the tools that they need to service their clients and create succesful retirement outcomes for the plan participants.
  • Our fee structure competes with or beats virtually any other quality provider of retirement plan services.
  • We work with any plan size including start-up plans.
  • Unparalleled service delivered by direct access to a dedicated service team. Service the way it should be.